Corona Virus


I want to thank our colleagues, customers, suppliers, and the communities where we live and work for their amazing efforts at this difficult time as we manage the coronavirus epidemic.

We are thankful that we can continue to perform our responsibility as a global production company that delivers essential goods and services to support agriculture and the food supply.

Dear distributors and customers, we want to emphasize that we are fully committed to supporting your business. As always you can count on our supports as we count on you. Thank to our farmers who are providing essential products and feeding the world each day. 

During this hard period of Covid-19 many heroes are emerging as we adjust to this new reality. Healthcare professionals are on the front lines of this crisis all throughout the world and we are deeply grateful for their dedications and sacrifices.

We appreciate the VITAL TARIM and PINA CROP TECH employees that come to work every day and execute critical responsibilities in our company for assisting us in navigating this challenging circumstances. 

Together we’re stronger.

Best regards,

Mehmet Emin Ardiç

Managing Director of the Companies